Clint’s CHC Presentation on Rheumatoid Arthritis

Clint Paddison's Keynote Presentation 2013 - How To Heal Rheumatoid Arthritis Naturally

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  • I’d love to hear your thoughts! Leave me a comment below

    • Nancy

      I didn’t realize till the last couple years just how HUGE of a role diet played in my RA symptoms. I have managed to eliminate the DMARDS and Biologics I was on through dietary changes. My ISSUE is chronic prednisone therapy (30 yrs +) It has literally ruined my life. Now living with Cushing’s, I have severe osteoporosis with newly diagnosed degenerative scoliosis. I want to exercise again and am scared I will fracture something. Would water aerobics be a good choice? I am finally going to see an endocrinologist next month to see what if any my chances are of weaning off this poison. Thank you for re-newing some hope.

      • Hi Nancy,

        Yes, water aerobics would be excellent. My grandfather-in-law used to do aquatherapy in Florida and I went with him a bunch of times. I couldn’t even do as much as the 80 year old’s in the pool back then but it did give me some relief so it’s a very gentle first step. Eating foods that stop depleting your bones of minerals (the highly acid-forming animal products, oils and processed foods) will protect your bones the best you can against the prednisone damage – although I don’t know if they can counter the prednisone entirely if you’re still on high dose. I have a complete PDF guide on how to eat incredibly alkaline in my Advanced Package. Also, you want to try and get yourself into Bikram Yoga if you can –

        This is enough for you for now. With the right steps you can slowly turn the corner on this. Email me via my website (or as a customer via the Advanced Package email system) and I’ll continue to assist you if you wish. Thanks, Clint

        • baisali

          Hii clint…..I m am suffering from ra..nd acc to ur suggestion m on veg diet nw…no meat or milk…m much better now…bt I want to stop my medicines permanently….when I try it now…my condition gets worse….hw can I….I follow ur mails regularly

  • Suzanna Fenelon

    Wow!!!! Amazing presentation I almost at tears when I saw you run Cause I have been dreaming off and on that I can run I believe my dream will come to pass
    You ended with such a amazing testimony about your the blessed baby . May God bless Mum and baby. With a daddy like you Your baby will grow with a strong healthy gut. Thank you you will be a blessing even to the next generation KEEP UP THE GOOD JOB

    • Thank you Suzanna! I really appreciate your kind words. We are so excited about our future addition to our family. If you need help with your knee contact me through customer service – I have a 52 minute in-depth training video on how to heal an RA knee in our Advanced Healing Package that I’ll share with you 🙂

  • Jethro M. Mushinge

    It’s amazing to see how an almost crippled man rose up on his feet to save hundreds from what I describe as “The Most Painful Horror Ever Imaginable”. The video presentation was brilliant, I liked ‘Freedom from Arthritis’, you only came to know about Sonia St.Claire and Barbara Allan’s successful stories, yet there was so much determination to get up from the ‘formidable enemy’. The Cherry Incident was really an incredible one. Thanks Clint for helping us get get such invaluable information. I probably would not have been walking by now had I not gotten help from you.

    Jethro M. Mushinge

    • Hi Jethro, thanks for your kind words. I’m glad I’ve been able to help you get up and walking again. If you’re feeling in the mood to help me help others, shoot through a short video testimonial via email and I’ll pop it up on our page. That would be truly inspirational and allow me to drive home this message of how much we can achieve when we have the right approach. Keep up the great work my friend. Hit me up for anything at any time I’m here to help

  • Tracey R

    Hi Clint, just wanted to say how much I enjoyed your presentation. I have bought your program but haven’t started it yet. I was diagnosed just over a month ago and handed the prescription for Methotrexate and told it was up to me whether I take it or not! (Let’s just say the doctor wasn’t too impressed with my concern in taking it.) The doctor also told me that diet has nothing to do with it, I disagree. I have not filled the prescription as I went searching instead and found your program. Yes, I’m too am one of those people who think it will go away if I change a few things (I’m in denial at the moment) but am finding like you did, that it isn’t the case. I have come off dairy and sugar which has helped immensely but have had a few relapses and then the pain is back to where it was again. I know I can do this if I put my heart and soul into it as what other option do I have other than medications that don’t cure it?

    Thank you for doing the research, you have helped so many people and I hope that I too will be one of them! I wish you all the best with your baby on the way, what a wonderful end to your story.

    • Hi Tracey, thank you! We can communicate via customer support for the details, but there are a few broad considerations to keep in mind for now. Firstly, the overall aim is to keep your CRP and ESR levels in your blood normal. This should be your guideline with monthly blood tests. This is to protect your long-term outlook and joint health. If you have consistent higher levels of inflammation then the joints will slowly deteriorate over months and years. So a low level of drugs, along with all your natural work, might be a slightly lesser evil than the joint deterioration if you can’t quite get there 100% with the natural approach. Time will tell. Methotrexate, for all of its negatives, does not seem to cause leaky gut so this is in your favour if you choose some drug assistance. Secondly, the huge component that most people forget is exercise. Exercise is a HUGE and is an absolutely essential component of getting well. More on this at
      I hope this helps for now and sending lots of healing vibes – Clint

  • Clint, I’m sure you’ve heard of the “Eat Right for your Type” theory that links optimum diets to blood types. The ‘scientific community’ is critical of this theory but I wondered if your research had shown any relationship between, say, the effectiveness of the response in RA sufferers to eliminating dairy and blood types? Would you tell us what your blood type is?

    • Hi! Thanks for your great question. Yes, sometimes people follow ‘Eat Right For Your Type’ since it has a very convincing first few chapters which even persuaded me a in my ‘search’ phase to give it a go for a while. My blood type is A, so according to D’Adamo it lends itself to a vegetarian diet. Unfortunately, he recommends high meat consumption (for ‘O’ types) and suggests people will ‘benefit from dairy’ if they are type ‘B’. From the 1000+ people I’ve assisted with RA I’m yet to see one person who has reduced pain by consuming more dairy or more meat, regardless of their blood type. That’s because healing RA is about healing the underlying cause of BLAME – Bacterial overgrowth, Leaky Gut, Acidosis, Mucosal Lining damage and Enzyme deficiency. These are independent of blood type, and these factors all deteriorate (or at the very least are not aided by) consuming more animal products.

      • Thanks Clint – I was ready to bet you were type A. It would be enlightening to see some data where dairy is eliminated but not meat in type O RA sufferers.

        • No worries. Here’s more info on Dairy and RA for you.

          • Anna Knippel

            Hi Clint, what’s your opinion on the meat? I was following a diet similiar to yours ie: vegan, juicing etc.. but became emanciated and very weak. Started losing a lot of hair. My dr. ran some bloodwork and determined I was not eating enough protein. When she told me to aim for 45g a day I did not see how I could get that with a vegan diet. (Beans were not always easy for me to digest and I would need to eat a lot of nuts and seeds to get 45g protein). I’ve added back in meat (organic and plainly cooked only) and am feeling better and my hair is growing back but I still have a lot of the RA pain. Do you see some of your patients having success with your diet + meat? I’m O+ blood type. ~ Anna

          • Hi Anna, your doc is spot on, a 45g a day minimum is good for protein. If you’re eating enought to meet caloric requirement this is easy, even for vegans, so not sure how you were not achieving this. Quinoa, buckwheat are staples in my program and 45g a day is a simple goal. Certainly meat is not the answer – nobody has ever healed any disease by eating more meat (see scientific studies below on meat). And forget your blood type, it really is not a key factor in being able to heal.
            Hair loss may have to do with medications, or lack of minerals, but i’m speculating – i’ve never had reports of this from anyone on my program. My program includes mineral-rice seaweed and mineral-rich leafy greens reguarly, which may play a role, but hair loss isn’t something i’ve come across before.
            Here’s the meat story:
            A review of meat was undertaken by a set of scientists who published the following conclusion about the consumption of meat and Rheumatoid Arthritis:
            “…meat and meat fat have been found to have the highest dietary links to RA symptoms”. The authors conclude that “The primary finding of the literature review and statistical analyses is that meat and offal may be a major risk factor for the expression of RA. The fats may contribute through inflammation or free radical production”. [British Journal of Nutrition (2000), 84, 589±59]
            A decade later, in 2010 a report was published which was had the interesting title ‘Meat- induced Joint Attacks, or Meat Attacks The Joint’. In this study a 32-year-old woman was seen for a possible diagnosis of food allergy. She had a diagnosis of rheumatoid arthritis and had been monitored for the last 8 years. She was taking methotrexate, prednisolone, and a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug; her medical history was otherwise noncontributory. On detailed questioning, she reported having several arthritis episodes (left knee as well as left temporomandibular and left ankle joints) when she ate a diet rich in animal foods (eg, eggs, milk, and meat). The episodes started 6 to 10 hours after ingestion of animal protein (most severe with meat) and lasted 2 to 3 days. She was free of arthritic episodes when she stopped ingesting animal products. She did not notice any symptoms when she followed a vegetarian diet [Ali Kutlu et al Meat-Induced Joint Attacks, or meat attacks the joint: Rheumatism versus Allergy. Nutr Clin Pract 25(1):90-1 (2010), PMID 20130162 25(1):90-1 (2010), PMID 20130162]

          • Anna Knippel

            Thanks Clint, I’ll keep this in mind. Its hard because it seems like there are 2 camps. The vegan (veges, fruit, non-gluten grains, nuts/seeds and beans and then the paleo autoimmune protocol (meat, veges, fruit but no grains, seeds/nuts). I’ve meet people who said their symptoms subsided/went into remission by following the autoimmune paleo protocol and they strongly believe that consuming bone broth helps them quite a bit.
            I looked at my diary log and while on the vegan diet I was getting at least 45g protein. 41g fat, 179g carb (1,200-1,500 cal/day).
            None of my doctor’s could advise me regarding the hair loss. They said there were too many factors that could cause it. My gut tells me diet as that was the only thing I had changed during that time. When I started eating meat the hair loss came to a halt and now its growing. (whether thats due to protein, fat or some missing nutrient I don’t know).
            I am very anemic and have very low WBC even though I’m not on any immunosuppresent drugs. I have a hematologist doing some investigative work on it so I’m hoping we unearth something on that end.
            My offical diagnosis is MCTD with Lupus like symptoms although when I last met with the Rheumy he said RA was taking a predominance.
            The only other thing I can think of is that maybe my body can’t digest or breakdown the proteins in vegetables very well… I don’t know if this is something I could ever verify. I do have a lot of trouble digesting stuff. Some things just don’t sit well. I’ve vomitied up green juice before so I have to be careful to only consume a little bit of green juice at a time. Thanks again for your response! I may try the vegan diet again once I get my hair back. It was my only really nice feature other than my sparkling personality so I’d hate to start losing it again. 😉 ~ Anna

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