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Over the years of battling RA I noticed that there was a relationship between my living environment and the severity of my disease. If I took time out from the city I noticed a shift in my body for the better.

My wife and I would travel into the Blue Mountains, near Sydney, to reconnect with nature for a few days. This quickly recharged the batteries and calmed the body, mind and spirit.

Have you found a relationship between your pain levels and your living space and/or stress levels? Let me know below.

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  • Karen

    Hi Clint, Have just come across your site, very informative and sooo helpful. My question is whether your protocol would help symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis which I have had for 15 years. Would really appreciate your advice. Many thanks. Karen.

    • Hi Karen, most definitely. Whatever you’re doing, wherever you are, stop and watch this video immediately – http://www.drmcdougall.com/health/education/videos/free-electures/diet-and-multiple-sclerosis/

      Comment back once you’ve watched this video and I’ll suggest some things for you.


      • Karen

        Hi Clint, thank you for replying I have watched the video Dr McDougall is so compelling, I have heard of him as well as Dr. George Jelnick an aussie doctor who also follows Dr. Swank’s principles. I have always had as healthy diet, avoiding red meat, however I think sugar has been my downfall but I am trying to remedy this with a fish eating vegan diet!
        Any thoughts are very welcome.

        Thanks Clint.


        • Hi Karen, I think Dr Swanks principles are the way forward and as Dr McDougall points out that even small increases in fat increase disease progression by 3 times. So if you were my loved one, in my family, I would insist you cut that fish out. My program guides people through a step-by-step process and gets them used to all these ‘new’ (yet timeless) life-providing foods and comes with an extensive easy-to-follow recipe book which may be of great value. Let me know if you buy it so I can keep in touch with you via customer service. Thanks 🙂

          • Karen

            Hi Clint, thanks for your reply much appreciated. I am now off to purchase your programme. Will keep in touch and thanks again!

        • John Bransby

          Definitely NO FISH !!! Cheers, John

  • Clint, thanks for this post or re-post. So timely. I’m in the process of leaving the highly stressful Silicon Valley, have been here for 36 years. But I feel so different when away to a more natural environment. Was in Mount Shasta California in the fall of 2016, and that is where my compass is pointing.

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