Fast-track your healing by working one-on-one with Clint Paddison

Consultations with Clint to Tailor and Optimize Your Healing Process

“If you have Rheumatoid Arthritis then give me 75min and I'll teach you everything I know about how to dramatically reduce pain, swelling and inflammation in your joints. I'll fine tune your diet to the most incredible detail, and help with your particular problem areas such as knees, elbows, fingers, wrists and ankles to develop a unique game plan to boost your healing speed faster than you ever thought possible.”
Clint Paddison, Wellness Leader and Ambassador for Arthritis NSW, Australia
Why Consultations are the best way to accelerate your healing

  • Tailored for you - Tell me what you need. Give me your problem areas or parts of the program you are finding difficult and I'll give you the answers to your RA problems immediately so you have the fastest and best way forward. This will likely save months - or years - of pain and frustration. Since each of us have a different expression of this disease, it makes sense that there needs to be some different approaches to healing, especially with physical therapy and intestinal well-being. Now having communicated with around a thousand RA sufferers worldwide, I know the challenges that are commonly faced.
  • Instant information - Why wait when you are in pain? The fastest way to get well is to get answers now. Your health is the most important thing you have and we both know that without health, everything else is more difficult. Worse than that, RA is progressive, so the joints are under constant attack with time. Don't delay your healing when help is available.
  • I know, I've been there - No matter what your condition, I've been through it. I couldn't breath without pain. I couldn't eat without pain. I hear you, and I know what to do next to get out of this hell. Getting support can make a world of difference to your mental state as you struggle with this disease.
  • Lift your spirits - When you see what can be done, and you learn how to go about it, you can gain a new level of optimism about your future and about your disease. If you need a motivation boost and a way to feel like 'you can do this!' then this is it.
“Once again I have no words to describe the courtesy to you. I am certainly obliged to you for getting me out of pain. No words to appreciate my thanks to you.”
Tejal Thakkar, India
Thank you so much for your wonderful information. I feel fortunate to be able to access your research and information. I found the phone consultation very inspiring, honest and motivating.
Elizabeth Drewlo, Canada

If You Book a Consultation Now You Will Recieve

  • A 75 minute phone call - For most people, this is more time than they spend with their Rheumatologist all year. But it is necessary to set aside this length of time to go through all aspects of the disease and your particular circumstances.
  • A chance to ask questions - Ask me anything and everything you want about RA and I'll do my best to share my thoughts. What I don't know I can often find out, but usually I can answer on the spot.
  • An investment into your future. The investment is $250 for the 75min call. This investment for your health could save you thousands of dollars over the coming years on Rheumatologist visits, supplements, surgeries and medications. This investment will provide you with a huge range of tools to help reduce your RA pain - things that I have used personally and have shared with others to create fantastic results for them also.
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Please note - after your reservation is complete, you will then fill out a questionaire regarding your current condition, problem areas, current medications and your time zone and preferred times to talk. I will then respond and set up a mutually convenient time so we can get started as soon as possible.

I look forward to speaking with you soon and assisting you on your new journey towards wellness.

Warmest regards,

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