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Hi, It's Clint here.

Would you like hands-on help from me each day to get much better results?

Would you like to share your progress with others?

Would you like to be part of a community where the culture is one of healing and support and progress?

Our online forum provides all of this, and more.

The way it works is that you'll still retain access to all of your Advanced Package materials, you just now access them in a different location that enables interaction, questions, support, journals, additional training and lots of other great stuff. You can set up a personal journal so that others can watch, comment, encourage and suggest ways to improve your progress to expand your food base and/or lower your medications. A large number of members have achieved both with my support and the help from other experienced members.

If at any time you decide to cancel your forum access then no problem. You will always maintain lifetime access to your Advanced Package materials right here (where you're reading this) - as you have always done. So zero to lose, massive amounts to gain.

So come join us now. That way I can work with you, make suggestions, troubleshoot with you and just overall help you get better as you need it. Not to mention the ongoing learning that you will have as questions are raised and answered and you can see it all and raise as many questions as you like as often as you like.

For just $27 a month I aim to make it worth 10 times the amount that you pay for it in terms of results.

Here's a simple form to fill out and you'll have complete access to the forum in about 2 minutes: