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Gayla Adams I got my blood work back today and my sed rate is 4 – Oh my goodness it has never been this low in my entire life…I just wanted to update you and thank you for you help. You are a blessing to us with RA, thank you Gayla Adams, USA
Karen Stefanski-pascale After 2 Days - Today is day 2 of the 12 day cleanse....and in one day have 95% reduction of swollen joints...continuing on with the 12 days... Excited to feel better..hope it continues to help me heal. thanks for your amazing protocol!

After 30 Days - I'm without meds and feeling great! Karen Stefanski-pascale
Holly Watson Hi Clint!! Hope you are doing great! I am feeling & looking lots better overall & also surfing again!! The Paddison Program is really reducing my hand pain & has made my skin & muscle tone look younger & more vibrant. Itz making my beach girl group all wanting me to prepare food for them!!! ….With your inspiration, I concocted a couple new salad combos that seem to be very anti inflammatory….Thought I’d share one ~ although I am not sure you endorse the balsamic vinegar…thank you again for your amazing work, advice & inspiration! Holly Watson, Hawaii
Rory Hume I am almost off all the bad meds! When I started I was on 80mg of prednisone, 1000mg of Celebrex, 25mg methotrexate and monthly infusion of Actmera PLUS all the other nasties such as heart, liver tablets and so on – now I just have monthly actemra infusion and 12.5mg methotrexate a week.. no other baddies! Cool huh Rory Hume, Western Australia
Sarj Marhood “After 6 Days – Hi Clint, My wife has your program and it’s unbelievable the turn around from constant RA pain to virtually no pain and its only been 6 days. God bless you and may you have success in whatever you do in your life…
After 14 Days- Clint, just a quick update, the Mrs has been following your book for a couple of weeks now. Her mobility has returned pain levels virtually zero there’s a glow about her what I hadn’t noticed before LOL! Amazing mate” Sarj Marhood, England
After following your program I am pain-free and have never been prescribed medication. I went to the rheumatologist immediately when I started having an issue and he told me it was rheumatoid arthritis.  I immediately bought your program and went on the program. I had a rheumatology appointment this week and my blood work numbers were all much improved.  My next appointment with him is in three months.  Thank you so much for this incredible program which has not only allowed me to stay off the horrible RA medications but has also enabled me to lose 20 pounds of unwanted weight. Christine D, Florida, USA
The medication (lowest doses of the least invasive medications) the doctor put me on was helping, but I still had no energy and I just didn’t feel “normal”. Turns out, I’ve not been normal most of my life. She didn’t help much with dietary advise. She said I could go to a dietician if that was a concern. When I read your testimonial, I knew that I had to try it. She also is most insistent that RA can NOT be cured. I was curious as to how you did it!…Someone sent me your “blog” about the benefits for RA with the link to your site. I had quick results with that. I got off of my anti-inflammatory in 3 months. I never thought the doctor would tell me to do that, so I was shocked to say the least. I only take as needed and I have 6 months worth just sitting in the cabinet. If I follow your program closely, I’m sure I would never need it. I tend to cheat a little, but I have to say – I LOVE THIS PROGRAM! I knew that there was such a thing as “healing” foods, but this program and your explanations of the foods is wonderful. Feel free to share my story with others – others need to know that there is hope! Joan R, Missouri, USA
I ordered the program specifically for my wife suffering from RA, It all started when my wife delivered a second baby last July (2012). She was fine for the next 3 months or so, however she started developing joint pains starting from the month of Nov / Dec, and in few days it got worse.So we did few blood test and she was tested RA positive.
We consulted rheumatologist and was on steriods. Things started to settled down with regards to pain in a month time or so. One fine day she developed high temperature and rashes all over her body and it turned red. She got admitted to hospital and after diagnosing it was found that steriods had worse impact on the liver and spleen and adversely increased the parameters.
So we stopped the steriods on the advice of the physician and started looking for different opportunities / avenues for overcoming the RA pain. My wife surfed internet a lot and came across your program.
She desperately needed an alternative. When i browsed your website and the content I wasnt much impressed frankly however I thought better give a try after looking at so many testimonials. Thats how we landed buying this program.
In 2 months time she is now totally free of steriods and is on very basis medication HCQS 200 mg. She is in full control of her ESR and CRP. Pains have reduced a lot and she is freely doing her day to day chores. We thank you atleast once a week for the program you have developed. She has reduced her weight and now she is in full shape fit and slim. Efficiently handling our both kids. Anand M, India
10/10. Everything was layed out so it could easily be understood and followed. My pain has completely gone away. Fernando O.
Dear Clint, My name is John Maxwell, 63yrs old, very fit and healthy after a life of rural toil .Around two years ago i devoloped RA. After visiting my rheumatoid arthritis specialist [ where she told me when asked if diet or foods needed to be elimated ,she replied that foods consumed made no difference to RA sufferers ] we came home and on the way got the methatrexate and prednisone which she had prescribed…I have followed your principles of the diet needed and the foods to be avoided . I have just visited the same specialist with my latest blood test results of ESR 5 , and CRP 3 and she was amazed …My last visit to my rheumatologist gave me the greatest joy when i handed over my blood tests which were so low and that was proof positive that i had done it all with diet…

All lumps and swellings have gone from my hands and morning stiffness and soreness are a thing of the past . My energy levels are improving and no more fevers.Thank you for advice and credibility , it has changed my life in a very positive way . John Maxwell, Australia
6 years ago I had a full body scan which revealed extensive inflammation in my joints. At the time I ignored the issue as I was relatively pain-free, but six months ago I began to experience joint pain which was rapidly spreading. I could not walk up steep stairs with my right leg, I was concerned about lifting a full kettle because my hands hurt and felt weak, and I would limp out of my bedroom in the mornings at a snail’s pace. At times my wrists would lock when I was walking the baby to sleep at night, and I walking in bare feet now felt like walking on bone; I could not do bear to do it for more than a few steps. Shopping was a painful experience because of the amount of time spent on my feet, and even carrying my 8.7 kg baby around hurt my body. My podiatrist was about to modify my orthotics to accommodate the swollen joint which was protruding under my foot. Then I came across the Paddison Program :-)


This was the answer I had been praying for. As an academic with several degrees and a love of research, I had done some reading into the causes of rheumatoid arthritis. RA was not definitively diagnosed with me because my test results were negative though the symptoms were there, and I refused to act on the referral my doctor had given me for a rheumatologist. Nevertheless my condition behaved like RA in every way, so I began researching cures for this condition. Research time for me was restricted with a 1 year old, a 3 year old and PhD in progress, so finding Clint’s programme online was like stumbling across a pot of gold. His book echoed all of the findings I had made myself, and added so much more!

Within the first two weeks virtually all of my joint pain had subsided. I felt like I had lost 30 years (I’m only 42, but had been feeling 60!) I am still working through the programme, and Clint has been immensely supportive with questions which have arisen along the way. My energy levels have doubled, and the crippling fatigue and sickening bodily ache I used to experience by the end of each day has disappeared. Whereas before I wondered how I would deliver my lectures and care for my children from a wheelchair, I now look forward to a fantastic future!

I am profoundly excited at the relief Clint’s programme will offer to many hundreds of sufferers around the world, and I feel so immensely blessed it was out there for me. It is out there for you too, if you dare to make the changes you need. Clint says that his programme requires bulldog determination, but you can do it! He says that we can choose between the pain of discipline and the pain of disease. So true.

Find the courage to make the change today. You will never look back. Leave your aches behind and claim your life back. All you need to know is in this book! I wish you well. Maria M, Australia
Thank you so much Clint! I started feeling better on day 2 and it is better each day! I feel better than I have in years!  I am just so thankful that I found your program now and can’t wait for continued healing.  God bless you and thank you for sharing all of your hard earned knowledge! I was so encouraged after reading your book and truly knew you understood the pain and suffering of RA. Thank you again for spreading this healing information! Donna Vorpahl, USA
Patricia Rae Coxhead Hi Everyone…well 5 weeks into the Paddison Program and I feel much better…very exited…best I have felt for long time…so good that I wake up thinking…I could live like this instead of how am I going to get through this day! I would recommend anyone who has RA to try this…it is so worth it. Patricia Rae Coxhead, New Zealand