Paddison Program Reviews and Testimonials

What others are saying about the Paddison Program for Rheumatoid Arthritis

“Ever since I went on the program I've been able to taper off on my RA drugs. This has helped me reduce the side effects while still having with less pain and swelling. My doctor was skeptical at first, now he supports me because he knows that these RA drugs can have really bad side effects and anytime you can reduce the dosage later on, that's a good thing. I was really happy to get my doctor's support, because I was a little worried at first that he wouldn't support me with the Paddison Program. However, now that I've got the traditional medicine and the Paddison Program working together, everything is going well and I'm hopeful for the future.”
Tom from Albany, Australia


“The Paddison Program has really worked wonders for me. I've been able to stay off my rheumatoid arthritis drugs completely for over a year now. I was having a lot of really bad side effects from the steroids and I was worried I was starting to get addicted to the painkillers. Now I don't have to worry about any of that. Just the Paddison Program by itself has helped me so much. It's totally changed my life and I want other people to know about it so they can get off these harmful drugs, too.
Janet from Iowa, USA


“So I've been on the Paddison Program for about three years now and it has helped me so much. My symptoms have gone down so much and I'm feeling much healthier and better. I used to have terrible pain and swelling in my hand before I started trying the Paddison Program. Since I got on the program, the pain and swelling is going slowly going away and even my doctor is amazed at how much this program has helped me. It's totally changed my life. I don't know what I could have possibly done if I hadn't found this program.”
Roxana from Spain


After 2 Days - Today is day 2 of the 12 day cleanse....and in one day have 95% reduction of swollen joints...continuing on with the 12 days... Excited to feel better..hope it continues to help me heal. thanks for your amazing protocol!

After 30 Days - I'm without meds and feeling great!”

Karen Stefanski-pascale


“I got my blood work back today and my sed rate is 4 - Oh my goodness it has never been this low in my entire life...I just wanted to update you and thank you for you help. You are a blessing to us with RA, thank you”
G. Adams, Kentucky USA


“It was highly recommended to me by a trusted friend, a Naturopathic Doctor practicing here in Costa Rica. He told me that before I could come to his clinic to receive his healing therapies, I absolutely had to do two things: First, purchase your Program. Second, do the Program's 12-Day Cleanse. It was the best $49 I've spent in my entire life! When the 12-Day Program finished, I just stayed with it and haven't looked back, I was hooked on feeling good.

I give your program an absolute "10". There's only one reason to give anything a perfect score: It must work, as promised! The Paddison Program for Rheumatoid Arthritis cured my RA....end of discussion. I've gone from throbbing, swollen joints in my hand and hips 24/7, to absolutely nothing wrong. No pain, no stiffness. I lost over 20 pounds of body fat in about two months time.

I've reduced my medication intake from 5 pills per day to nearly nothing for the past 3 months, (except when I go off my diet in a big way with chocolate or sweets). If my testimonial can help one more poor RA sufferer find the "cure" rather than continue on medication for the rest of their lives...absolutely YES! ”

William Nevins, Costa Rica


After 6 Days - Hi Clint, My wife has your program and it’s unbelievable the turn around from constant RA pain to virtually no pain and its only been 6 days. God bless you and may you have success in whatever you do in your life...

After 14 Days- Clint, just a quick update, the Mrs has been following your book for a couple of weeks now. Her mobility has returned pain levels virtually zero there’s a glow about her what I hadn’t noticed before LOL! Amazing mate”

Sarj Mahood; Bordesley England
“Hi Clint, I was hit with RA 6 months ago I guess.. It felt like a flu all of the sudden I couldn't do anything without pain. It got a lot worse very quickly. No one told me to stop drinking the pot of coffee I was on or anything. I was unable to open doors or just bend knees. Wrists and elbows very bad. My fingers looked like hot dogs...Your teaching was just in time for me to get a handle on the pain and swelling. I am so thankful.

I still can't believe it- I wake up and no pain.  When I get my new blood work Im going to send you a copy of the before and after-  before was >600. I bet this has been the fastest drop in history-  : ).  RA picked the wrong person to pick on- I hate meds and I believe my prayers were answered when I found you guys.  Thank you for all the work you do...  I enjoy your smile so much and know why it's is so precious.. To precious to be in pain.”

Lynn Thompson, USA


“Your generosity, both in spirit and in the material is overwhelming. I describe you as "very persuasive" but it is and has been so much more than that. I will add: 'highly motivational and supportive' to my comments. You have indeed been inspirational. Thank you again.”
Andrew Nason, Australia


“I have learnt more from your book in a couple of weeks than I have learnt in 23 years.”
N Anderson, Gold Coast Australia


“Hi Clint, My mother recently purchased your ebook and has been on the program for only five days. She has seen some improvements, particularly in regards to inflammation. She has had arthritis for 12 years, both her hands and feet are deformed, yet going on this has improved her health overall more than what medications (Methotrexate and the Enbrel injection) have done for her.Many thanks for your help, much appreciated ”
Atiyah Ghulam


“Hi Clint, Thought you might like to know that I am observing the program and there is about 85% improvement. Clint, you are a good man. Thank you. I will keep you in my prayers, as well. Thank you, again, for sharing your wisdom with us.”
Ann M, USA


“Hello Clint, thanks for all your hard work & sharing it. All good news from you so far as I'm concerned & yes, my priorty is to get off Methotrexate...I will get a blood test done in the next couple of days...I've certainly noticed an overall feeling of being better. ”
Grant Hall, New Zealand


Before - Hi bro, I have been suffering from this disease for over 12 years. I’m 42 and recently release from hospital due to infection from using Humira, methotrexate 25mg, prednisone 20mg and ibrufen daily. I’m at wits end with these drugs. My body can’t handle anymore drugs. I’m asking if your book and plan will help me free from these drugs and give me some quality of life. I’m currently bed ridden. Swollen ankles, wrists, deformed right knee, high blood pressure due to inactiveness and drugs. WOULD YOU BE ABLE TO HELP.  Blessings.

Just 8 Days Later - Hi Clint, On the 8th day now. Body feels calm and relax. My pain markers down from 8 to 6. I think my case will a bit longer for I have been in heavy drugs for a while now. I’m happy with the progress so far. Feeling healthier is the best way. Will keep u posted. Blessings bro.

After 1 Month - My CRP from last three blood works as follows: 118, 87, 27 latest!”

Ron M, New Zealand


“Hi Clint, I have great inflammation has gone down majorly, I can say the inflammation has almost disappeared! A little less panadol which is great. Thankyou so much for giving me the opp to see that your program is pure medicine”
J. Gaiden, Australia


“First of all thank you soooo much for taking the time to reply...I have enjoyed the diet and am hooked, carrying no body fat, feeling good...thanks for helping me understand the calcium deficiency thing, thanks again Clint, I am very grateful for your time, wish you, health, wealth and love. Thanks again cove (local slang for friend)”
Eddie Rogers, New Zealand


“Hi Clint, My pain levels are much better and the redness in the joints is just about gone.The swelling has also reduced and my energy levels are great!...I must just mention that prior to starting with your program I had been considering studying nutrition. Seeing and experiencing the results over the past weeks made me take the plunge. It is, and is going to be a very interesting journey, so thanks again!”
Mieke, South Africa


I was diagnosed with RA in February of 2013 with an ESR of 87. I took methotrexate and a small assortment of medications for a period of three months with a small reduction in symptoms. The medication had gotten me out of a wheelchair but getting out of bed and making it to the bathroom was something I had to throughly prepare myself for both mentally and physically. Six months before I had fought as a professional kickboxer. This was not the life I had imagined. Due to financial limitations I was not able to continue taking my 650 dollar a month prescription. With a strong intuitive pull toward nutrition I started experimenting and doing research. With luck I was able to find The Paddison Program the very week after I stopped taking medication. By following it's guidelines in six months time I was able to take my ESR from a 67 down to a 17. Thanks to Clint and Melissa I'm back landscaping and gardening again. I may not be able to fight professionally again but I did go running..and Tai Chi is on the list:)
Avery Tatro, USA


“I’m a long time sufferer of Rheumatoid Arthritis, and have been on a quest for wellness for many years, I have visited practitioners that number in access of 100 and have pursued many courses of remedies from conventional medicine to complementary. I have been continually fed the information that RA is a Chronic disease with no cure - only degeneration to look forward to!

Imagine my joy when I read the Paddison Program for Rheumatoid Arthritis with his optimistic outlook on the condition having done the hard yards with his research and scientific evidence that diet and lifestyle cured his RA with blood indicators showing the evidence of his condition returning to normal!!

I have been on the program for just over two months and I acknowledge that it is early days for me, however, my last blood test showed that my CPR has improved 300% from 38 to 13. My outlook is optimistic, with mobility of joints slowly returning and general health allowing me to undertake daily chores with more energy and vigour. I have been so encouraged by The Paddison Program that I have set in place a health management program to participate in life again with restored energy”

Gilly Roberts, Adelaide Australia


“I've recently finished day 30 of your program and continuing to follow the guidelines very closely. My body is feeling good - still a few sore joints, but i've been able to reduce my methotrexate. Thanks!”
S. Lewis, USA


“I rate your program a 10 out of 10 - I have eliminated the need to take the toxic medications with serious side affects. Blood work numbers improved - no longer necessary for rheumatologist to prescribe medication. Lost 26 pounds of extra weight and feel so much better! Absolutely - I have already told friends about your program and the miraculous results. THANK YOU FOR THIS WONDERFUL NATURAL REMEDY FOR MY RHEUMATOID ARTHRITIS”
Christine Digregorio


“Hello Clint, I write to you from Quito, Ecuador. Two weeks ago I started reading information about you and how our diet affects our health...I nolonger feel pain in my fingers...I have more energy than before, I sleep better, my night coughing is gone. Thank you so much Clint. Regards, Diane”
Diane Mugeni, Equador


After 2 Weeks - I have taken to your advice immediately. I had very bad synovitis in my wrist & general symptoms but am certainly better already! Very happy & I intend to continue. Many thanks indeed”
P. Tugwell, USA


“Hi Clint!! Hope you are doing great! I am feeling & looking lots better overall & also surfing again!! The Paddison Program is really reducing my hand pain & has made my skin & muscle tone look younger & more vibrant. Itz making my beach girl group all wanting me to prepare food for them!!! ....With your inspiration, I concocted a couple new salad combos that seem to be very anti inflammatory....Thought I'd share one ~ although I am not sure you endorse the balsamic vinegar...thank you again for your amazing work, advice & inspiration!”
Holly Watson, USA


“Since November I have been doing good after following your book and diet. For me the day to day diet has helped much... I am getting better. Also I am continuing the celery, cucumber juice. Your support also helps much. Thank you so much”
Shakila Bhanu, California


“Hi Clint! Had a follow up with my doc today and am still bouncing off the walls with what I was told! Before I changed my diet on 11 Feb my ESR must have been up in the 90's or even higher as it was taking me 3 to 4 hours to be mobile enough in the mornings to get up and showered etc. meant to get it checked before starting your programme but old doc no good...have a new one now who is great. Anyway, get this, it's now 46!! I cannot even remember a time it was like that, except maybe early diagnosis over twenty years ago. They checked my calcium level too, for the first time ever, and it came back as normal, despite their worry over lower bone density and taking steroid and no dairy for years due to allergy. Also, my new doc told me that last summer I was actually signed off from needing monitoring for anaemia as that is normal as well, so no more label of anaemia of chronic disease! I feel so elated that I'm actually making progress after going downhill for so long. It was even weird to hear good news for a change. It's a long road to recovery but so worth all the effort. I plan on having regular blood tests now so I can monitor progress. Alison :)”
Alison B., USA


“Hi Clint! The number 1 reason that I purchased this program in the first place was to try and beat my RA.

After following the Paddison Program now for under 3 months I have had many successes to share:

- being able to make fist on both hands with no pain
- being able to function with very little or no pain at all without any additional medication /apart from methotrexate/
- having improved my blood test results & reduced my RF quite significantly / still have a long way to go though/
- being able to eat all foods included in "Recipe book" without inflammation
- looking forward to cutting down on my medication /starting next week/
- feeling really good physically and looking into the future with hope & optimism - and that alone is fantastic after all the previous despair

Thank you!”

Izabella Jagielski, Australia


“ I noticed an improvement in the way I felt going on the Paddison Program within days of trying it, lost 8 kilos in 6 weeks, felt great and I did so well that when I went back to the rheumatologist he was so happy with my progress that he didn’t put my dose of Methotrexate up. I was on a low starting dose of 10mg and my blood tests were “remarkable”...Didn’t do the cleanse as I thought I had already pinpointed my trouble foods. I absolutely believe in your research and I was astounded that my rheumatologist didn’t even ask me what changes I had made, if any to explain my “remarkable” blood results...I really appreciate all the work that you have put into this. I will keep you posted of my progress but as it stands and all the research I’ve done, that your principles make more sense to me than anything out there. Thank you. Cheers, Lisa”
Lisa M., Australia


“Once again I have no words to describe the courtesy to you. It worked so well that I could sleep without inflammation and pain medication after three weeks. Your book is source of courage and inspiration which is of immense help. I am also really happy that this way of eating gave me tremendous relief from not only the pain, but after so many days I could see no swelling at all on my fingers. I just have little on my arm. I have doctor's appointment the coming Monday. I am certainly lot obliged to you to get me out of words to appreciate my vote of thanks to you.”
Tejal Thakkar, India


“Clint, This is Cheryl. I have rheumatoid and osteo-arthritis since I was 40 yr old. I am a healthy very active and slim 54 yo. I started your plan because I have had terrible stomach issues and the Celebrex (Dr. had me on 1000mg a day) was making me bleed in my stomach. I did the cleanse, went off the meds, saw my Dr. To get my blood checked (after I started the prog). My inflammation was almost completely gone.

It seems my symptoms of pain and swelling abated almost completely. I know now the two worst offenders seem to be wheat and sugar. On a scale of 1-10 of your program, I would say I am quite satisfied...probably an 8 or 9. Your research seems very complete. I have always had colon and stomach issues since I was young and feel the toxicity of our foods is to blame. I have greens as often as possible and crave them for breakfast. I have recommended your program to several friends”

Cheryl P.


“When i started your program my CRP count was 38, after 1 month it went down to 11. Eventually i went for a blood test last week just to see where i was at even though i knew i was misbehaving with my diet, Drum roll,,,,,,,,,,,,,, unbelievably as of last week it is 5.6, i was stunned! Psoriasis is under control and would be gone by now if i was disciplined enough, my toe nails have grown back & the heady fog & negative thoughts & emotions are nonexistent, maybe the euphoria of being pain free who knows but it’s real & i feel great! That’s it, a big thanks mate, i don’t know how you researched what you did but I’m grateful you did, i’m glad to say the journey has been the best thing i’ve done for myself & family over the past 6 years i’ve learnt a ton about nutrition & what we have actually been doing to ourselves in ignorance. Feel free to contact me for further info Clint, would love to have a chat with you about how to help others, I’m free anytime day or night.”
Angelo Morgillo, Australia


“6 years ago I had a full body scan which revealed extensive inflammation in my joints. At the time I ignored the issue as I was relatively pain-free, but six months ago I began to experience joint pain which was rapidly spreading. I could not walk up steep stairs with my right leg, I was concerned about lifting a full kettle because my hands hurt and felt weak, and I would limp out of my bedroom in the mornings at a snail’s pace. At times my wrists would lock when I was walking the baby to sleep at night, and I walking in bare feet now felt like walking on bone; I could not do bear to do it for more than a few steps. Shopping was a painful experience because of the amount of time spent on my feet, and even carrying my 8.7 kg baby around hurt my body. My podiatrist was about to modify my orthotics to accommodate the swollen joint which was protruding under my foot. Then I came across the Paddison Program 🙂

This was the answer I had been praying for. As an academic with several degrees and a love of research, I had done some reading into the causes of rheumatoid arthritis. RA was not definitively diagnosed with me because my test results were negative though the symptoms were there, and I refused to act on the referral my doctor had given me for a rheumatologist. Nevertheless my condition behaved like RA in every way, so I began researching cures for this condition. Research time for me was restricted with a 1 year old, a 3 year old and PhD in progress, so finding Clint’s programme online was like stumbling across a pot of gold. His book echoed all of the findings I had made myself, and added so much more!

Within the first two weeks virtually all of my joint pain had subsided. I felt like I had lost 30 years (I’m only 42, but had been feeling 60!) I am still working through the programme, and Clint has been immensely supportive with questions which have arisen along the way. My energy levels have doubled, and the crippling fatigue and sickening bodily ache I used to experience by the end of each day has disappeared. Whereas before I wondered how I would deliver my lectures and care for my children from a wheelchair, I now look forward to a fantastic future!

I am profoundly excited at the relief Clint’s programme will offer to many hundreds of sufferers around the world, and I feel so immensely blessed it was out there for me. It is out there for you too, if you dare to make the changes you need. Clint says that his programme requires bulldog determination, but you can do it! He says that we can choose between the pain of discipline and the pain of disease. So true.

Find the courage to make the change today. You will never look back. Leave your aches behind and claim your life back. All you need to know is in this little book! I wish you well.


Maria M, Australia


“Thank you so much Clint! I started feeling better on day 2 and it is better each day! I feel better than I have in years!  I am just so thankful that I found your program now and can't wait for continued healing.  God bless you and thank you for sharing all of your hard earned knowledge! I was so encouraged after reading your book and truly knew you understood the pain and suffering of RA.  Thank you again for spreading this healing information!”
Donna Vorpahl, USA


I am 29 and I have rheumatoid arthritis for eleven years. I saw your video on YouTube and that made me research more about your program. It all sounded safe, so I decided to purchase the program. I give it a 9.5/10! My knees aren't swollen anymore and hurt less than before I started your program. Many thanks, Milica
Milica Miketic, Montenegro


“Hi Everyone...well 5 weeks into the Paddison Program and I feel much better...very I have felt for long good that I wake up thinking...I could live like this instead of how am I going to get through this day! I would recommend anyone who has RA to try is so worth it.”
Patricia Rae Coxhead, New Zealand


“Dear Clint, My name is John Maxwell, 63yrs old, very fit and healthy after a life of rural toil .Around two years ago i devoloped RA. After visiting my rheumatoid arthritis specialist [ where she told me when asked if diet or foods needed to be elimated ,she replied that foods consumed made no difference to RA sufferers ] we came home and on the way got the methatrexate and prednisone which she had prescribed...I have followed your principles of the diet needed and the foods to be avoided . I have just visited the same specialist with my latest blood test results of ESR 5 , and CRP 3 and she was amazed ...My last visit to my rheumatologist gave me the greatest joy when i handed over my blood tests which were so low and that was proof positive that i had done it all with diet...

All lumps and swellings have gone from my hands and morning stiffness and soreness are a thing of the past . My energy levels are improving and no more fevers.Thank you for advice and credibility , it has changed my life in a very positive way .”

John Maxwell, Yamba, Australia


“I have noticed less pain. I have gone longer periods of time between taking osteo eze. My hands no longer throb at night, and although my hands are severely misshapen, and will never be the same again, I have had a little more flexibility. I am also managing stairs a lot better, although still not easy, its less painful. I am continuing to lose a little weight, and all of that should help to take weight off my knees. I cant regain the cartilage that I have lost, but when I have possibly a double knee replacement, I should be very fit and well. I am back to lap swimming today, and that always helps. Thanks for your support. Kind regards, Deborah”
Deborah Somes, Australia


January 2013 - I want to thank clint for the cure i orded last september for my mum it as changed our lives...I really do mean it when I say Thank you.. I am amazed the findings you told me in your cure and have been on a new journey in life to follow as much of your advice as we can. My mum and I now juice full time and have the energy of ten men.. no pain...and a whole new look at life in a healthy way. My mums doctors and specialist are finding it hard to understand and refuse point blank to reduce the medication. my mum takes on a daily/weekly basis.. 8 methatrexate a week and a number of steroids daily which she as been taking for ( wait for it.....25 years) my mums kidneys were under performing back in August before we started the cure and now are running perfectly. I am so excited with our findings and great results I could go on for months...I would like to say, my mums readings before we started the program were:

Red blood cells....... 107 over active due to medication :0( still to present day.. Inflamation (ESR) in blood went from 66 to 30 within 4 months.drs still refuse to amend mediction levels :0( crp they told me they do not record it ...:0( complete cure of aches and pains within 4 weeks. we have found her trigger foods which range from eggs,ham,cows milk,sugar,bread,meats. Thank you again with all our hearts and if we can help in anyway to help spread this news please let me know.

June 19th - Mum is wonderful Thank you, she is off all medication now :0) and lives everyday with no pain :0) more energy :0) and a new vest for life. If she gets tempted when she eats out sometimes to go for that desert then the next day she feels alittle stiff (I do tell her to keep to the diet) but I suppose a little indulgment now and again.So yes everything is fantastic with mum and if you ever need anyone in the uk to help promote your program you just let me know :0)

Thanks again and we can not thank you enough in words for changing our lives. Thank you Clint and God bless - Rich

Richard Sunley, UK

“10/10. Everything was layed out so it could easily be understood and followed. My pain has completely gone away.”
Fernando O, Texas, USA

“I ordered the program specifically for my wife suffering from RA, It all started when my wife delivered a second baby last July (2012). She was fine for the next 3 months or so, however she started developing joint pains starting from the month of Nov / Dec, and in few days it got worse.So we did few blood test and she was tested RA positive.

We consulted rheumatologist and was on steriods. Things started to settled down with regards to pain in a month time or so. One fine day she developed high temperature and rashes all over her body and it turned red. She got admitted to hospital and after diagnosing it was found that steriods had worse impact on the liver and spleen and adversely increased the parameters.

So we stopped the steriods on the advice of the physician and started looking for different opportunities / avenues for overcoming the RA pain. My wife surfed internet a lot and came across your program.

She desperately needed an alternative. When i browsed your website and the content I wasnt much impressed frankly however I thought better give a try after looking at so many testimonials. Thats how we landed buying this program.

In 2 months time she is now totally free of steriods and is on very basis medication HCQS 200 mg. She is in full control of her ESR and CRP. Pains have reduced a lot and she is freely doing her day to day chores. We thank you atleast once a week for the program you have developed. She has reduced her weight and now she is in full shape fit and slim. Efficiently handling our both kids.”

Anand M, Hyderabad, India


June 2013: "At age of 8 I was diagnosed with JRA. Now at the age of 49 I have been experiencing more symptoms of Arthiritis. My left knee has very little meniscus tissue left and I walk with a cronic limp. I was living on naproxen and trying any supplement I could to find relief. No help, until now. For the last six weeks I have implemented the Paddinson Program. I have not taken a naproxen or any supplements since the start. My limp is gone. I have lost 17 pounds and feel great. My blood pressure which normaly is around 130/78 is now 112/71. I cannot tell you thanks enough for the help that you have given me. I feel like I can do anything. You have forever earned yourself a friend and my praise. Thank you for sharing this life changing Program with us.  July 2013: Although changing ones lifestyle is never easy. To rid myself of joint pain is so worth it. I walk with a constant limp from left knee pain and surgery. The limp and pain are gone!!! As for my general health, I feel better, have lost 22 unwanted pounds, my blood pressure is down and my cholesteral is down in normal range.”
Paul L, Colorado, USA


“The medication (lowest doses of the least invasive medications) the doctor put me on was helping, but I still had no energy and I just didn't feel "normal". Turns out, I've not been normal most of my life. She didn't help much with dietary advise. She said I could go to a dietician if that was a concern. When I read your testimonial, I knew that I had to try it. She also is most insistent that RA can NOT be cured. I was curious as to how you did it!...Someone sent me your "blog" about the benefits for RA with the link to your site. I had quick results with that. I got off of my anti-inflammatory in 3 months. I never thought the doctor would tell me to do that, so I was shocked to say the least. I only take as needed and I have 6 months worth just sitting in the cabinet. If I follow your program closely, I'm sure I would never need it. I tend to cheat a little, but I have to say - I LOVE THIS PROGRAM! I knew that there was such a thing as "healing" foods, but this program and your explanations of the foods is wonderful. Feel free to share my story with others - others need to know that there is hope!”
Joan R, Missouri, USA


“After following your program I am pain-free and have never been prescribed medication. I went to the rheumatologist immediately when I started having an issue and he told me it was rheumatoid arthritis.  I immediately bought your program and went on the program. I had a rheumatology appointment this week and my blood work numbers were all much improved.  My next appointment with him is in three months.  Thank you so much for this incredible program which has not only allowed me to stay off the horrible RA medications but has also enabled me to lose 20 pounds of unwanted weight.”
Christine D, Florida, USA


“Hi Clint and Melissa, I have thyroid eye disease which is an autoimmune disease. I was sent to a rheumatologist. He wanted to put me on methotrexate. I did some research and refused that suggestion. Since then I have been on plaquenil but I really wanted to heal myself naturally... I went back to the doctor a few weeks ago and I have improved. I know it is from the changes I have made it my diet. I am thinking of going off the plaquenil to see if I continue to improve. Thanks for your help in my healing journey! - Jo Ann”
Jo Ann Sandler


“I had developed a form of arthritis in my hands.Within 3 days the pain and stiffness had gone and the swelling was going down and I could bend my fingers freely first thing in the morning again! I was very surprised and hugely relieved!

The diet is not easy, but it has helped me to identify certain foods that contribute to the problem. (Certain legumes, coffee, citrus fruit). I'm now at the stage I'm able to have more foods in my diet that I know won't cause me a problem. My own worst enemy is myself as I know that milk is a major trigger of the arthritis and my eczema; I've managed to largely cut it out of my diet, and take a calcium with vitamin D supplement instead, however, I do still occasionally get a  weakness for milk chocolate, and suffer the consequences.

The doctor suggested over the counter pain medication, however, I do not need any pain medication. I just take the  calcium + vitamin D supplement.

As I play musical instruments, it's a wonderful relief to know that I can have control over the problem. It isn't easy, and I do miss certain foods and I notice the difference the next day if I eat out at a restaurant - despite trying very hard to avoid certain foods.

I would say that I'm still on a voyage of discovery in order to include as many foods as possible in my diet, so as a result of this continued experimentation I do get a little stiffness and swelling in my hands at times. However, I do know that if I revert back to the start of the Paddison diet all the symptoms do disappear again within a few days.  Thank you so much for your dedication and effort in order to finally bring an end to people's pain and suffering.  I do hope that you go from strength to strength and that you can take your findings much further.”

Andrea W


“The # 1 reason I purchased your program is because I had been searching for common factors which aggravated my RA. When I came upon your testimonies, it was like a light came on. I rate your program a 10 out of 10. I began a lifestyle change using your program in November. I had a lab coming up in December and the c-rp was 1.352 from October. I had the c-rp done on the 5th of December and the result was 1.312. I was impressed and I find myself with less pain. I had another lab just done on February 6th and my result was 0.612. AMAZING!!! I have discussed with my rheumatologist the possibility of decreasing my medications after a period of time with consistent low c-rp levels. I am excited. I have suffered this disease for 13 years...Thank you for taking your time and expertise of research to develop this program.. God bless you..”
Gloria Vermillion,Florida, USA

“10/10. I found your program easy to understand and felt a real connection to you and your story (with what you had been through) I understood what you were saying and as well as the program I would be able to get your support with consultations if I needed them - I didn't feel alone. I found a link to your program in the SMH veggie restaurant guide. I told my doctor I wanted to do your program for a month before I would take medication again. I had the blood test done before commencing the 12 days. Results received back from the initial blood test was really promising ESR down to 23 from 41 and CRP 13.2 down from 27.2 and HAEMOGLOBIN up to 112 from 99 without taking any iron supplements. A month into your program my ESR is down to 12 and my CRP is down to 6.2.

Energy levels have increased dramatically and have been taking a bit of getting used to as I don't get so tired anymore and I can move so much faster and a lot more easily, I am also doing Bikram Yoga which I started on day 3 of the 12 days I now have knee caps (very exciting) and can get on and off my hubbies motor bike which I had to stop doing. Pain reduction has been great and my family really notice the difference.My specialist said that he could give me no drug that would get the above results so quickly. Thank You very much Clint!”
Jennie Smith, Australia
“ I found the book such an insight into how to try to tackle my RA with alternative methods to the horrifying medication I was prescribed. Since being diagnosed, I have taken various medications suggested by my Rheumatologist such as Plaquenil, Simposi, and currently Methotrexate (for 3 years) and Actemra monthly infusions. I contracted pneumonia on 24th September 2013, and since then have been taken off all medication. What a great opportunity to try the Paddison Program, which I started as soon as I was released from hospital six weeks ago. I did the cleanse first, as suggested, and found there were plenty of options to keep me satisfied daily. I have lost 4 kilos and have had no joint pain or flare ups as yet. It feels wonderful to be off the medication and able to go out in the sun again. I tell people with any arthritic condition about your program in the hope that it can assist them also. Brilliant information and well worth the money! Thank you thank you thank you, again. Sharon, Queensland, Australia”
Sharon Reedy, Australia
“I Give it a 20/10!  Your web site grabbed my attention and it is filled with so much I can relate to and use to help myself and share getting others to join your program. Within 3 days my pain in my fingers subsided and hasn't come back after avoiding the dark night vegetables.  That has been 3 months since July 5th 2013. My mother passed away from the worst form of RA.  She was given every chemical that eventually shut her down. I was her care giver and only wished I found you earlier. my fondest appreciation for your dedication and knowledge to help all of us have a great quality of life.”
Arleen Cannon, Hawaii, USA
“The main reason I purchased this program is because it offered Hope.  When I was diagnosed by my Rheumatologist the options for treatment were very limited and in my opinion extreme.  I saw this program as the best alternative.The book was very informative and eye opening.  I enjoyed the straight forward approach and found all the new information exciting.  Very quickly after implementing the Paddison Program I began to notice positive changes.  The most notable was the energy levels, increasing clarity of mind. The pain levels slowly decreased and I noticed the improvement in my knees and toes.”
Kevin Verhoef, Canada
“Extremely satisfied, you couldn't have done it in a more inspiring and convincing way and thank you very much for sharing all your hard work and research with us, you are a very special person , and thank Melissa too for helping you and us with her love. I am off medication (I was on methotrexate for 7 years) and feeling great. My CRP is currently within the NORMAL range!!!! Thank you very much for your healing  vibes and I am sending you my warm regards from the beautiful Island of Cyprus with the endless sunshine and very long and hot summers..”
Barbara Stavrou, Island of Cyprus
“I think your Paddison Program is the best. After 6 weeks into your program I ordered blood work and the results were a shock to both me and my doctor. "ALL OF MY VITAL SIGNS WERE DOWN TO NORMAL ! My Doctor's remark was "WHATEVER YOU ARE DOING, KEEP DOING !" Your friend and believer, Hal Eddy”
Hal Eddy, USA
“Clint your program is so clear and well set out and is so much more valuable than the poor advice given by some GPs.”
Christina F, Australia
“I purchased the Paddison Program when I finally got angry about my arthritis, believing I do not have to have this. I am very satisfied with this program, it is very well put together with pictures, diet, and plan.  The recipes and booklet were great also, explaining the properties, vitamins of every food in the program and just how it was going to help me was encouraging.  I have read it over and over, and again and again I am encouraged.  Nothing has been left out of this program, except for my will, and the Paddison's will and success has helped my will.

Success was found the second day...when I stepped my foot on the floor and the pain, stiffness and overall discomfort was already decreased…I actually said , 'ahhhh'.  I am sticking with it....and going in the right direction because there is improvement every day, and with that I am happy and encouraged.”

Linda Csora, USA
“I had been looking for a natural way to deal with RA and getting off the drugs and their possible dangerous side effects. I did implement the program right away and over the course of two months I am completely off my meds which included 1 ml of MTX injected every week and 2 Plaquinel every day. My blood tests at the half way point of easing off the meds was completely normal.”
Cathy Tracey, USA
“10/10 it is a breath of fresh air, especially as you are a fellow sufferer.  Very inspirational stories and testimonials. In the middle of this year I was on 25 mg of methotrexate and some prednisolone.  Finding the ill effects of medication intolerable and not wanting to go on further medication to counteract unwanted side effects. I have embarked with an open mind and tried to change my diet. I am now off medication, and feel more in control of my own destiny.”
Kay Steedman, Great Britain
“The results have been great. Reduction of inflammation, the use of pain killers being almost totally reduced, and increased quality of life.”
Mark Emery, Australia
“I've had RA ever since I was a little kid, I never really realised you can actually cure yourself with good food. I once had food poisoning and was sick for like 2 days but my joints were perfect. When I started eating again the inflammation came back so I went around looking for answers and found your program. I find your books very informational and I've actually recommended it to others. I've been able to drastically reduce joint pains.”
Mark Visser
“My fingers have improved greatly, in the mornings I have very tiny pain, compared to a larger amount before the program. I certainly feel they have improved loads. I feel very healthy overall. The other great thing is it gave me a sense of power, something I could do to control this for the future, that was a great feeling. Thank You.”
Jo Whitby, UK

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